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The World Through My Eyes..

Not your average "hotel blog"

From the research I've done in the past few weeks, it is advised to have your headers, alt-text and meta search titles etc etc to suit the needs of the "users" of the World Wide Web. But I find myself writing more for the Search Engine Bots rather than the people. So, my first EVER blog is not going to cater to the tech goats but to the masses I wish to inspire some day.

A brief history about myself!

I am truly a sucker for anything that inspires. I have changed my goals, jobs, "ideals" several times and at this stage in my life I am truly just reflecting, deciding on what my next move should be.
With a background in hospitality and aviation; I have come across people from different walks of life which has made me look at the bigger picture, and it makes me question: How do I go after something that truly fulfils me, while still making a decent living.

Fast forward post-covid, me and my family are trying to run a decent hotel business with hopes of branching out to other spheres of life. All of us are filled with hopes and dreams to live a fulfilling life.
This blog, or writing for example, has been a recently discovered passion of mine. To be honest, I really don't have a set plan of action with all this but I just want to start somewhere, and hopefully on this journey, be able to provide an informative and inspiring platform for all travellers of life (too deep?).

Hope you can join me on this journey..
See you on the next post!

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